Key factors to be considered while building target accounts and contacts

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To be able to run a successful email marketing program, your data accuracy should be min 95%.In this blog, let’s see the factors to be considered to build relevant and accurate data for email marketing.

Success criteria for email marketing

KPICriteria for Success
Accuracy of target accountsGreater than 95%
Accuracy of target contactsGreater than 95%
Bounce rateLess than 3%
Open rate Greater than 50%

Account Based Marketing(ABM)

An account-based marketing strategy is important in your email marketing and it is completely dependent on how effectively you choose your target accounts. Account selection is a critical step in your strategy and it hinges solely on either your customer data analysis or your competitor’s customer data analysis.

To find your key accounts, you must first develop an Ideal Customer Profile—An Ideal Customer Profile is created using a combination of firmographics and behavioral data points of existing customers.


Analyze your customer database to identify commonalities between the best customers to form an Ideal customer profile. This might include things like:

  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Location

Sometimes, It may be:

  • Technologies they use
  • Events or Conferences they attend

Based on the analysis of commonalities, you can define an ideal customer profile


Account coverage refers to your ability to identify and penetrate a large number of key accounts. This metric is critical to the success of your campaign. If you have a ton of target accounts but can’t reach any contacts within them, you won’t be able to convert those accounts to customers. You should be able to identify more target accounts and also you should be able to find email addresses of decisions makers from most of these accounts.


Personalization is a top priority of any account-based marketing campaign. But, how can you personalize your campaigns if you don’t know anything about the account or person you’re trying to reach? Look deeper than basic demographic information and collect data concerning your buyer’s pain points, their online behavior, and the current vendor in place. This information will allow you to craft content that speaks directly to the matters that are most important to them.
How do you do all these analysis, identify target accounts and find the email addresses of decision-makers?

  • You can hire resources in-house to build the data points
  • You can outsource the process to a vendor, someone like DataDriven
  • You can also use directories like Zoominfo to get marketing data. If you choose this option, you will not get a greater level of coverage of accounts and contacts and you can’t use filters like Events attended by accounts

So, the best practice is to go for either option 1 or option 2


We have learnt that The SUCCESS of Email Marketing starts with Accurate target accounts and contacts

Hope you enjoyed this article, Thank you!

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