Our Team


Sundar (a) Tamilselvan

Sundar has a healthy obsession with all things marketing and sales, strongly believing in the intersection of business and technology. He is constantly curious about new ideas and prototyping them. He held multiple positions with various product and service companies before cofounding DataDriven. He is a college dropout but was able to pursue a career in marketing just by following the footprints of his father. Sundar likes music, table tennis, travel, poem & story writing, motivating and public speaking.


Karthik has a serious tech crush but a business brain, so he’s naturally found a home at DataDriven flexing his management muscle and keeping the operation in line. Before period this, Karthik was at amazon, Chennai for 7 years where he led the operations team across 14 markets in Europe, APAC, and the USA. Offline, he likes to drink tea, roam with friends and do art with his kids

Digital Marketing Specialists


Kiran is a highly dedicated and trustworthy team member, with more than 4+ years of experience in multiple roles. Digital marketing and web development are his passions, and he wants to grow his business. He likes to play chess in his spare time. He loves his family more than anything else.


Proven marketing analyst with 2+ years of experience and excellent communication skills. Bala is a graduate in Computer Science. He previously worked in a programmatic advertising firm serving as AD operations manager. Offline, Bala likes to spend time with his friends, so he plans an amazing get-together.


Sunitha Catherin is a Multifaceted professional cross Edu-tech , Human Resources and Marketing. She is very curious to learn and explore different technologies. "Providing the right path for the children can only be done when you explore the world " is what she strongly believes in. Inquisitive and friendly person. Die heart fan of Vampire Diaries and other fictions.

Kishore Kumar P

Kishore is a Digital marketing executive who specializes in data-driven strategies. He is genuine with good communication skills, allowing me to work effectively with team members and clients while delivering the best business results.

Ravishankar R

Ravi Shankar is a friendly, thoughtful, responsible person who is always eager to explore new challenges and easily adapts to unfamiliar surroundings. Some of his favorite activities are reading books, enjoying nature, and helping others.

Vel Murugan

Vel Murugan is a Digital Marketing Executive who joins us with entry-level experience. He plays his role consistently and he is growing day by day. He is honest in his work and works on time. He loves to play badminton.

Gokul Prasad

Gokul Prasad is a digital market executive. He loves all kinds of sports, puzzles, and gaining knowledge. He is a believer, a listener, and tight-lipped. An omnist person who experiences life in an optimistic manner

Data Analysts


Strategy and result-driven marketer with 5+ years of experience handling various roles in multiple organizations. He is a person who is always dedicated to the work and likes to complete the tasks on time. Murugesh a B.sc graduate is an ambivert who enjoys outdoor games with friends and also watches lots of anime series.


Sree, is a digital marketing analyst, with a freshers attitude. A music Lover by heart, Who Loves to play volleyball and hanging out with his friends He believes working with data allows you to play with knowledge


Maheswari is a web research executive with three years of experience in the market research industry. She is a BE graduate of Electronics and Communication Engineering. She believes that even if life hurts you, just be strong and act like it won't break you, strong walls shake but never fall. I enjoy animals, especially cats and dogs.


Gokul is a web explorer, a new approach. There are different ways of doing the same thing, the way I choose I decide to be self-motivated and always be positive. His actions are always responsible

Raja Srinivasan

"Consistency Is what transform average People into Excellence" - he is the best example for this quote. He came with entry level experience and play his role with consistency and he is growing day by day. He likes to travel hill station and chill with friends.

Sowmiya R

Sowmiya is a web researcher and a novice. She likes to play Kho Kho and listen to music. She is passionate about learning and exploring new things like coding. She likes to take long drives.

Graphic Designer

Sneha P

Sneha is a graphic designer with freshers, she graduated from Institute of Printing Technology, offline Sneha spends valuable time with family than with friends, she likes to sing and she likes to play throw ball
"Good design isn't about what medium you're working in. It's about thinking hard about what you want to do and what needs to work before you start.

Support Staffs


Efficient and reliable Housekeeper with 15 years' experience ensuring rooms are cleaned and inspected according to the company's standards as well as maintaining the inventory of linens and supplies, helping in the laundry process, and greeting and checking in guests when needed.


Always on time to provide us the refreshments. He never left us hungry and gave us a heads-up if he couldn't make it that day. He shows his intent by addressing all the snacks requirements by the employees.