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How GLOCK Apps will help email marketing

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A lot of email deliverability solutions have emerged in recent years, and We’d like to highlight GLOCKAPPS. Checking email placement and performing content analysis, as well as providing practical remedies for underperformers, have become essential needs for email marketing in recent years.
Let me start with a quick question. Do you understand the distinction between deliverability and open rate? Do you believe that both are the same? For those who don’t know about this, let us explain.
Deliverability refers to your emails’ capacity to reach the recipient’s inbox. The open rate, on the other hand, is determined by how many people open your emails. You can calculate the open rate using this formula:
Open rate = (Number of emails opened / Total number of emails sent) * 100
Now, let’s talk about how GlockApps can help you increase your deliverability.
GlockApps is an awesome tool for evaluating and enhancing email deliverability and domain health.

1. Email Deliverability Report, AT EASE

Running an email deliverability test with GLOCKAPPS is quite easy. Simply send a copy of your email to the seed list they provide and you will see an email delivery report on your screen and in your inbox, this report will include your spam score. This is a quick and simple way to ensure that your emails are reaching the inboxes of your intended recipients.

2. Meet Mr. Gappie

Gappie is a bot that can assist you in ensuring that your email campaigns are delivered to the inboxes of your clients. It’s simple to use, just add Gappie to Telegram or Slack and you’ll start receiving real-time alerts on the security and domain of your email. With Gappie, you’ll be notified whenever anything suspicious occurs, such as a drop in DMARC compliance, an increase in email traffic from your domain, updates to DNS records for DMARC and SPF, and invalid DKIM or SPF authentication in your legitimate traffic. This ensures that your emails are reaching the inboxes of your intended recipients and that your email campaigns are secure. Gappie is a valuable tool for any email marketer looking to improve their email deliverability.

3. Doctor to your domain

Technically, you don’t need a domain name to have an online presence, but owning one is crucial to increase trust in your brand and business. A domain name gives you control over your online identity and the material you upload. This is where GlockApps DMARC Analyzer Tool comes in, it helps you protect your domain by creating DMARC records. By publishing your DMARC records in your DNS, you’ll have full access to reports on how every message you send passes SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication. This is important to ensure that your emails are reaching the inboxes of your intended recipients, and that your email campaigns are secure. GlockApps DMARC Analyzer Tool is an essential tool for any business looking to increase trust and credibility in their online presence.

4. Watch Out Your Spam Score

Email testing is a critical step in ensuring that your emails are reaching the inboxes of your intended recipients. By testing your emails, you can find and fix mistakes before they are delivered, preventing any damage to your brand and lowering the effectiveness of your emails. One faulty link or unfavourable impression is all it takes to damage your brand and lower your open rate. Without testing, you won’t find an issue until it’s too late. To determine your email spam score, use a free tool such as GlockApps. By ensuring that your email newsletter arrives in the inbox, you can enhance the reputation of your domain and IP, leading to better email deliverability and more successful email campaigns.

Wrap up

GlockApps Quick Coverage is an all-in-one solution for tracking the performance of your email campaigns. It tracks all emails sent to our seed lists with deliverability reports, sender rank, IP blacklists (if any), authentication (SPF, DKIM, reverse DNS), spam words analytics, and content analysis. With this powerful tool, you’ll have all the information you need to improve your email deliverability and reach more of your intended recipients. It’s an email warrior equivalent to AK47, providing a comprehensive solution to all your email marketing problems. The most common mistake email marketers make is launching a campaign without testing it first, and GlockApps Quick Coverage can help you avoid that mistake.

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