Shankara Build Pro

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Shankara Build Pro

Shankara Building Products Limited is one of the leading organised retailers of home improvement and building products in India operating under the brand name Shankara BuildPro.


  1. They were getting less footfalls in their stores and couldn’t increase it.
  2. Shankara BuildPro shifted their website from Magento to shopify platform so their search engine ranking got affected and the website got reduced to less than 25%.
  3. They wanted to promote their new store and bring more store visits.


  1. We ran brand awareness campaign and store traffic campaign to bring traffic to their stores.
  2. We ran a product promotion conversion campaign to bring traffic and increase sales.
  3. We ran offer campaigns to increase store traffic to the new store.


  1. Footfall increased by 2X within a month for all their stores.
  2. Product sales increased by 35% within a month.
  3. Brought more than 1000 store traffic within a month.


Spike Agency


14 October 2021


Branding Identity


Denpasar, Bali

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