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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Emailable is one of the web’s longest-running email validation services. Dating back to 2009, the service had humble origins as a simple, free tool for checking the validity of email addresses. In recent years, this little tool has grown into a substantial B2B web business, servicing clients from all over the world.

Business challenge:

Emailchecker wanted to beat out their competition by increasing their online traffic. They were entirely dependent on cold outreach for lead generation and were generating just 15 leads per month. They wanted to improve that by 200%.


They brought us to address this situation and we proposed search engine optimization to them and they agreed.

The project was promptly started with an investigation and analysis by DataDriven. We fully analyzed their business and found their catchall verification could solve most of their clients’ challenges. We considered that as low-hanging fruit and started optimizing their website for any keyword related to catchall verification.

To start with, we created a separate page for their CAV.

Then, we completed a thorough keyword and competitive research. Then, we shortlisted 2 sets of keywords. We prioritized the keyword “catchall verification” as it had a high search volume, so we strategically forwarded those keywords.

The important part is the optimization is to create backlinks. We generated backlinks in 2 years for Emailchecker. This is done through passive link acquisition for both pages.

We did on-page improvements such as page load speed, meta-description, optimized images, etc.

A consistent flow of new optimized content and gradual link building worked.


  1. 5,152 backlinks were generated.
  2. Domain authority increased to 32 from 7.
  3. Got ranked on the first page( as 2nd result) for the keyword “catchall verification” within 6 months.
  4. 60% increased organic traffic.
  5. Among 10 leads per month 7 leads are through organic search.
  6. Increased revenue by 25%.




March 23, 2023




United States

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