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B2B Marketing data - Customer Case Study​

B2B Data

About the Customer:

Our Client is a market leader in DdoS (Distributed Denial of Service) threat assessment. An Israeli Cyber Security company that strengthens and advances DDoS defenses.


Client was using cold email as the primary source of generating leads. They had subscriptions to Business directories ZoomInfo and Uplead to source prospect data. The target account they needed should have already been having DDOS Mitigation in place. The bottom line was that more response or conversion could be achieved from cold campaign if they could narrow down their approach by reaching out only to companies who was already having DDOS mitigation in place. Neither ZoomInfo nor Uplead helped them source such an unique accounts list. They needed a vendor who could source such a highly trimmed data.


They brought DataDriven to address this issue. People at DataDriven analyzed 10,000 + companies in the target industry and size one by one using various techniques and online resources if they had DDOS mitigation in place then. We qualified 1500+ accounts as users of Ddos mitigation and found relevant contacts (emails of CISO, Director – Cyber Security, etc…) from these qualified accounts.


Client started using DataDriven’s list and they saw a drastic increase in respone rate of their cold campaign from 2% to 15%, reduction of email bounce rate from 10% to 2% and shut down of opt-out rate from 5% to almost 0%.


Spike Agency


14 October 2021


Branding Identity


Denpasar, Bali

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