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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


KIM International Movers, a KSA-based moving company, partnered with trusted global allies to provide efficient and stress-free moving services worldwide.


KIM International Movers, leveraging their extensive industry experience of two decades, recognized the importance of a comprehensive SEO plan to enhance visibility and establish a prominent digital presence. Consequently, they formed a strategic alliance with DataDriven, a renowned partner renowned for their expertise in developing customized SEO strategies.


DataDriven eagerly took on the task of crafting and executing a tailored SEO strategy that aligned perfectly with the unique requirements of KIM International Movers. The project commenced with a meticulous analysis of their business, identifying key areas that presented opportunities for optimization. The primary objective was to bolster keyword rankings within the packing and moving industry, focusing on high search volume keywords. Additionally, a significant emphasis was placed on generating authoritative and relevant inbound links, which played a pivotal role in the overall optimization efforts.


The SEO campaign yielded remarkable outcomes within a mere 3 months, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies employed:

  1. Generated 100 inbound links from authoritative websites, enhancing the website’s credibility.
  2. Witnessed a significant increase in domain authority, reaching a score of 5 from an initial score of 1.
  3. Attained a notable position on the first page of the Google search engine, specifically ranking 8th for a relevant keyword.
  4. Experienced a substantial 40% surge in organic traffic, driving more qualified visitors to the website.
  5. Realized a notable 25% increase in revenue, showcasing the positive impact of improved online visibility and lead generation.
  6. The on-page SEO best practices were meticulously implemented to optimize the website’s content and structure, further contributing to the overall success of the campaign.
  7. Our coordinated social media and email marketing efforts created a strategic buzz, leading to a notable increase in website traffic. Engaging social media posts and targeted email campaigns with “read more” options drove hits and contributed significantly to the SEO campaign’s success.


Through the effective implementation of an SEO strategy by DataDriven, KIM International Movers experienced a transformative journey in just 3 months. Their online presence was significantly enhanced, with notable improvements in domain authority, keyword rankings, organic traffic, lead generation, and revenue growth. By leveraging SEO techniques and strategic optimization, KIM International Movers successfully positioned themselves as a competitive player in the global moving industry.


KIM International Movers


13 June 2023




Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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