WordPress Web Development

To utilize new markets and build your business in today’s digital environment, it’s critical to keep connected with your consumers and prospects. According to statistics, roughly 4.57 billion individuals utilize the internet, accounting for 59 percent of the global population. Before engaging with a company, 53% of this online community does research to ensure they are making the best option possible.

According to research by Episerver, 92 percent of consumers visit a brand’s website for reasons other than to buy.

Product/service research, comparative shopping, and business reviews are examples of these. Consumers do not buy on impulse, according to this study.

Given the vastness of the global marketplace, online customers must examine and compare companies to find the best available goods, pricing, and features.

You instantly lose the potential to connect with your target audience and popularise your brand if you don’t have a web presence. With an engaging, unique web page design, you may win customer confidence and market referrals.

The internet offers a wealth of potential for businesses of all sizes all around the world. Use its clout to your advantage. With DataDriven’s website design services, you may establish your internet presence now and uncover your market potential. We can undertake anything from website design and development to search engine optimization (SEO) and site maintenance.

Content writing: Maintain an up-to-date website with original, comprehensive, and industry-related content that meets your consumers’ requirements and problems. Our WordPress web design firm has a team of content creation experts who produce a DataDriven online content strategy. Let us help you improve your site content for search engines and internet users by partnering with us.

Logo Design: Your company logo acts as a point of recognition for customers and is an important part of your branding. Create a bespoke logo that reflects your brand’s identity, professionalism, and reliability. A DataDriven, we provide logo design and logo redesign services at a reasonable cost.

Conversion rate Optimization: With the aid of our WordPress website design service, move your page visitors to the bottom of the sales funnel. Our experts will improve the performance of your site by removing extraneous form fields, placing clear calls-to-action (CTAs), and simplifying page navigation. We also do A/B testing to verify that all areas of your website are conversion-optimized.

Website Analysis: Our WordPress web design business does a comprehensive site analysis to discover the conversion possibilities, threats, vulnerabilities, and strengths of your website. We provide SEO audits, competition analysis, site performance and functionality testing, and traffic analysis. These techniques enable us to improve the usability of your site while also increasing engagement and conversions.

Website Hosting: With DataDriven’s web hosting services, you can increase the speed and security of your website. We have a wide choice of hosting options to suit your requirements and budget. WordPress hosting, Linux services, cloud storage options, and 24/7 customer support are all included in our website hosting packages. We also give you access to several domain administration tools that will help you maintain your domains safe and stable.

Website Maintenance: It’s critical to maintain your website regularly to keep it working smoothly. We undertake a scheduled site review and maintenance, as well as a gap analysis, at DataDriven to find the critical parts of your website that need to be improved. We build plans based on the analytics data to improve your site’s security, increase traffic, and improve the user experience.

Ecommerce web design: According to studies, 88 percent of online buyers would abandon a website and never return due to a negative user experience. Allowing this to happen to your online businesses is not a good idea. Make a good first impression on your potential customers by using Data-eCommerce Driven’s web design services. We optimize your product pages, maintain a basic and professional web design, employ high-quality photographs, and make your information scannable.

Shopify Web Design: Are you ready to open your online store? To receive a safe and SEO-optimized Shopify web page design personalized to your branding, give us a call right now. CSS media queries are used by our web design firm to ensure that your Shopify website adjusts to any screen size or device. We also remove aesthetic clutter, unnecessary widgets, high-resolution photographs, and develop online content that expresses your unique personality.