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About the Customer:

CloudYuga is on a mission to enable professional learners to deploy, scale and troubleshoot Cloud Native technologies by building the most extensive experiential hands-on labs.

Business Challenge:

CloudYuga was unable to bring enough visits to the freelancers’ blogs as they committed.
CloudYuga’s founder Neependra Khare is a well known Cloud Native skills corporate trainer offline. But he wanted his company to be well known in the online market.
CloudYuga was unable to bring registrations for their Cloud Engineers’ Bootcamp.


To drive enough traffic in the short time, we promoted their blogs in social media official handles and in relevant groups.
We persistently created buzz on social media to create brand visibility by publishing memes and tips & tricks posts which resulted in increase in followers count.
We ran ads on social media to bring more registrations.


Overall traffic increased by 5X in 4 months
Followers count increased by 2X in 4 months
Achieved 25 (avg) Bootcamp registrations every month
Revenue increased by 27%.
CloudYuga is becoming a well known brand in Cloud Native Space online.


Spike Agency


14 October 2021


Branding Identity


Denpasar, Bali

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