Email Marketing - Customer Case Study

About the Customer:

The customer is a company providing PaaS services and is based in UK. It offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS services, built on their batch and API service which is one of the best in the market. They have more than 5,000 clients across the world.

Business Challenge:

The customer has no in-house marketing team. The singular source of generating leads for the customer had been SEO, and this was being operated by a third party. The customer was very eager to significantly boost lead generation as well as convert more leads into customers. This was not possible by relying entirely on SEO, and hence they were looking for an agency that could help them in generating more leads from different sources and campaigns. 


At DataDriven, we studied their business, service offerings and target audience in detail. After a lot of brain storming, we came up with the recommendation of cold outreach campaigns through LinkedIn and email marketing, to boost lead generation activity.The customer was hesitant to try LinkedIn and at first was only willing to proceed with email campaign for 1 month, as a paid trial.

We crafted a solid strategy and drew up a marketing plan that we were sure, was designed for success. We implemented the email campaign with industry best practices, and showed the impressive results to the customer. They immediately agreed to extend the agreement for a further 6 months after the end of the trial period, and also included the LinkedIn outreach campaign.

We executed the campaigns with personalized messages and multiple auto drops by deploying the best automation tools available in the industry. Our customer started receiving more requests from key decision-makers of relevant accounts. We secured their primary domain with multi-layered protection and used the secondary domain for campaigns. We also ensured that the deliverability of email was always at 90% and the open rate was at a minimum of 60%.


Thanks to our new strategy, the customer was able to increase their lead generation to 125, which makes up 40% of the market size. The customer successfully closed 10% of the leads generated and has a further 20% active leads that could bring them more business. The customer has seen a jump in annual revenue by 35%, and now enjoys an ROI of 10X.